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​Not Your Dad’s Waterbed

​Not Your Dad’s Waterbed

Posted by Dean Karnazes is CEO (Chief Exercise Officer) of Afloat. on Sep 8th 2022

Rumor had it Hendrix slept on a waterbed. And Janis Joplin. So when it came time to replace my old mattress with something new, I naturally asked my dad for a waterbed. It was the 80’s in Southern Cal … read more
Athlete Recovery aka Liquid Recovery

Athlete Recovery aka Liquid Recovery

Posted by Dean Karnazes on Mar 22nd 2022

My parents used to think I was part fish. My mom sometimes checked behind my ears for gills. Growing up in Southern California, I spent more time in the water than on dry land. A day without surfing w … read more
King Size Waterbed For Sale - Best Selection

King Size Waterbed For Sale - Best Selection

Sep 20th 2021

In your search for the perfect pillow top, you may have discovered details concerning king size waterbeds and asked yourself what a waterbed mattress is?A king size waterbed mattress is a kind of bed … read more

Queen Size Waterbeds For Sale

Sep 19th 2021

Are Queen Size Waterbeds Comfortable?Waterbeds are one of the most comfortable means to sleep in the evening or even in the middle of the day. The reasons for this are basic; however, the advantages o … read more
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