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Afloat: Beds with Benefits

Feb 5th 2020

The waterbed is back, and it’s better than ever! With Afloat, you can expect so much more than a good night’s sleep. Find out why people are calling Afloat the “feel-good bed” by … read more

Why Afloat Is Not Your Parents’ Waterbed

Jan 28th 2020

Waterbeds, Way Back When Waterbeds made their big debut in 1968, following the infamous summer of love. It was a time when your parents (or grandparents) wore flowers in their hair, celebrated … read more

The Ideal Temperature for Your Waterbed

Jan 21st 2020

Why Sleep Temperature MattersSimilar to how an Afloat waterbed conforms to its sleeper’s position, the human body will physically adapt to its environment. Recent sleep studies have found that there i … read more

Bedtime Guide to Sleeping With Your Pet

Jan 14th 2020

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Afloat is whether our waterbeds are safe for pets. The answer is yes; your pet can totally enjoy your waterbed with you. A properly-fille … read more

Six Steps to a Good Night’s Sleep

Jan 7th 2020

1. Create a Routine The connection between body and mind is important for attaining a good night’s sleep. Often times, we try to shut down our body before our mind is ready, which leaves us feeli … read more