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What Does Your Couple Sleep Style Reveal About Your Relationship?

Feb 11th 2020

You may already know what your go-to sleep position says about you -- but what about your co-sleeping style?

The way you and your partner sleep as a couple can offer some insights about your relationship.

Find your favorite co-sleeping style in the list below and see what it means for your relationship.

1.The Spoon

Spooning is a popular sleep position for couples in new relationships. Sleeping this way, with one partner tucked inside the other, reveals a desire for physical intimacy and a need to be as close as possible to one another. In a broader sense, the spoon position tells us that there is a sense of comfort and protectiveness in a relationship.

2.The Loose Spoon

The Loose Spoon is a more mature version of spooning, as it adds a bit of space between the couple. In this position, a couple displays a desire to sleep closely while also showing that they trust each other enough to allow for some comfortable distance.

3.The Chasing Spoon

The Chasing Spoon is another variation of the classic spoon. In this position, one person moves away from the center of the bed while the other partner chases them in an effort to reconnect physically. Some interpret the Chasing Spoon as one partner’s expression for more space, while others believe it means they want to be pursued.

4.The Tangle

The Tangle is an extremely intimate position in which both partners are tangled in each other’s bodies. This position often occurs when there are intense emotions at play, such as the start of a romantic relationship. It shows that a couple can’t get enough of each other and wants to be as entangled in their love as possible.

5. The Unraveling Knot

The Unraveling Knot starts in the Tangle position, but then both partners eventually unravel into their preferred sleeping positions. In this sleep position, the couple shows that they trust each other enough to let each person do their own thing. It’s the best of both worlds for couples who crave both intimacy and independence.

6.The Liberty Lovers

Liberty Lovers prefer to sleep back-to-back without touching. And though it may seem like this distance between partners points to a lack of intimacy, Liberty Lovers are actually communicating a sense of trust in this position. When a couple is comfortable sleeping independently, it shows that they trust each other regardless of physical proximity.

7.The Back Kissers

The Back Kissers fall asleep back-to-back, engaging in contact along the spine or rear-end. It shows that, as a couple, you appreciate your own space but still want to stay connected. More specifically, if both partner’s butts are touching, it indicated a desire to remain sexually connected.

8.The Nuzzle/Cradle

The Nuzzle, or cradle position, is when one partner sleeps with their head on the other’s chest. In this position, the one who sleeps on their back is showing a nurturing and protective side. The one who rests their head on their partner’s chest can be viewed as independent while being expressly appreciative and loving.

9.The Leg Hug

The Leg Hug can be interpreted in more than one way. In this position, bodies are separated while legs stay intertwined. If one person is doing the hugging, it can be seen as a request for attention or physical contact (similar to the Chasing Spoon). If both are intertwined, it shows an equal passion and connection between partners. If a couple is very connected in their daily lives, it may be their way of doing so throughout the night.

10. The Space Hog

The Space Hog will likely be just one person in the relationship. As the name indicates, one person will spread themself out and take up most of the bed. This person is considered a bit selfish since they have little regard for the other’s need for space in bed. At the very least, a Space Hog is likely the more dominant person in the relationship, as displayed in their control of the bed.

11.Pillow Talk

Couples who sleep Face-to-Face while touching show that they are incredibly close and happy in their relationship. Maintaining both facial and/or bodily contact throughout the night in this position indicates honesty, trust, and openness toward each other. As the name Pillow Talk suggests, partners who sleep this way are creating a space for ample communication between each other.

12. Cliffhanger

The Cliffhanger is when two partners position themselves on either side of the bed, far enough away from each other that a body part can easily hang over the edge. For the most part, this sleep position is taken as a sign that there are problems in the relationship because of the intentional distance created between the couple.

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