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How to Reset Your Bedtime Ritual

Sep 11th 2020

We could all use a bit of self-care these days. And while we love a good day at the spa, that doesn't mean you can’t relax and recharge right from your very own home. Need some ideas for how to unwind and refresh yourself so you can get back to doing what you do best? Read on.

1- Reduce Your Screen Time

Studies have shown that since the start of the pandemic, Americans are spending an average of 6 hours per day looking at screens. This is a jump from the previous 4-hour average before the start of the pandemic. Giving yourself a break from looking at screens can drastically improve your sleep and overall sense of calmness. Go ahead and power down those devices.

2- Do Yoga

After a long day at work, you’ve likely built up a lot of tension in your muscles. Doing yoga helps stretch out those muscles, releasing built-up tension and stress. There are countless free instructional yoga videos on YouTube, which makes it easy to follow along. Pro tip: find a “Yoga in Bed” video to help you prep for bed and sleep like a baby!

3- Drink Tea

For years, drinking tea has been scientifically proven to help calm the body and reduce stress. Look for a caffeine-free herbal tea if you’re looking for something to help you unwind before bedtime. Certain types of green and black tea contain L-theanine which promotes relaxation. Happy sipping!

4- Take a Hot Bath

There’s nothing quite like a hot bath after a long day. Throw in some Epsom salts, and get ready for a relaxing night in. Bathing has been proven to release endorphins as well as increase blood flow to the skin, which can be very therapeutic for the body. Pair it with a cup of tea and get ready to have the best sleep of your life.

5- Throw on Your Comfiest Pajamas

After you’ve enjoyed your hot bath, throw on your comfiest pair of pajamas or sweats! Get ready to curl up in your Afloat waterbed and catch some zzz’s. Once you’re in bed, it can be tempting to scroll on your phone. Resist the urge! Avoiding screen time before bed will drastically improve your quality of sleep.

Follow these steps to enjoy a relaxing time, whether you’re prepping for bed or just need a chance to unwind. Ready to take your sleep to the next level? Check out our Afloat waterbeds to help you have the perfect night’s sleep. 

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