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​Sleep Better & Save Even More

​Sleep Better & Save Even More

Dec 13th 2022

We all know by now just how comfortable and therapeutic an Afloat waterbed is. One could be mistaken if they thought that its long list of features and benefits would cost you more than a conventional mattress – well, truth be told it just keeps getting better each night. While the cost of the Afloat product is typically less than standard memory foam mattresses, the saving don’t stop there. In fact, the savings only start when you purchase an Afloat, and they keep going every night you sleep on it.

As you know, there is a real cost to heating and cooling your home. And with rising costs for electricity and natural gas, it is only getting more expensive. This is why the Afloat waterbed is able to save so much, since the heating and cooling of the water beneath you in part replaces the need to heat your home over night.

The temperature regulation of each mattress, or each side for your Afloat dual-sided mattress, is enough to keep you and your partner warm at night in the winter, and while maintaining this state of warmth, there is less need to wastefully keep the air in your house warm.In fact, through the years, here at Afloat we have learned that the optimal temperature to set your thermostat to in the winter is 63-65F, and letting the soothing warm mattress do the work.

Think of the Afloat as your personal little cocoon, where you stay warmer than ever, and save heating expense every night.

The great part is that it works the same in the summer, just in the opposite direction. You stay cooler thanks to the water, and there is reduced need to have the air conditioner kicking on and off through the night.

The range of savings can vary, of course, based upon where you live and just how warm or cool you like your mattress. The warming benefits you will enjoy in the winter in places like Northern Minnesota are understandably very different than in South Florida, where the cooling benefits are greater.

In fact, we surveyed a few of our customers, and found that on average, in the winter they kept their bed temperature control turned up to as high as 89F but set their home thermostat as low as 60F. By leaving the thermostat at a low setting, the furnace running time was reduced. The more you can reduce the running time, the more you save, especially with climbing gas and electricity costs.

Furthermore, the Afloat Total and Afloat XD both feature a thermal insulation system which keeps the warmth in the water even more. This makes Afloat better than any other waterbed, and better than any other kind of bed, at reducing home energy costs.

If you’re wondering about how well it works in the summer months, here is more great news. The cooling effects of the waterbed work equally well to keep you cool instead of running your air conditioner all night .While some people have to deal with a memory foam mattress that “runs hot” anyway, the Afloat waterbed keeps you far more comfortable through the night, and lets you dial back the a/c.

What we know, thanks to recent sleep studies is that that there is a significant connection between body temperature and sleep quality. It turns out that when we reach REM sleep, our bodies lose the ability to maintain its temperature. REM sleep is when the recovery and restoration from a long hard day at work starts to occur and continues through the other deeper sleep stages.

This means that when our bodies get too cold and require thermoregulation, we lose out on REM sleep. So, although you may be able to fall asleep while cold, it’s unlikely that you’re reaching a state of deep sleep.

What this all means is that maintaining that perfect temperature is critical to getting the quality restorative sleep that lets you wake up on the right side of the bed each and every morning. And we’re pretty sure that when you wake up to lower electric bills each month, that feeling you get from a good night sleep will be unbeatable.

At Afloat we have a passion for helping our customers get the best sleep possible. But when we can help others sleep better AND save money, well now that is music to our ears.

Get an Afloat today, start saving and sleeping better than ever.

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