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7 Life Hacks for Better Sleep

Apr 6th 2020

You know the feeling: Your eyelids become droopy like they have giant weights attached to them. The words on your computer begin to blur. The only problem is you’re sitting at your desk in the middle … read more

​Bedtime Guide: Avoiding Nighttime Anxiety

Mar 10th 2020

Maybe you’ve been here before: You’re laying in bed, thoroughly exhausted after a busy day, yet you can’t seem to fall asleep. You’re wide awake as your mind continues to race and you’re coming to ter … read more

Why Afloat Is Not Your Parents’ Waterbed

Jan 29th 2020

Waterbeds, Way Back WhenWaterbeds made their big debut in 1968, following the infamous summer of love. It was a time when your parents (or grandparents) wore flowers in their hair, celebrated fre … read more
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