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Waterbed Myths Debunked!

Waterbed Myths Debunked!

Oct 3rd 2022

Waterbeds were all the rage in the 70’s and 80’s with over 50 million beds sold over the years. Just like most things from the “peace, love, sex & drugs” era of the 70’s and beyond, a few myths entered the bedroom and we want to tackle head-on and discuss. Simply put, we want to debunk your favorite waterbed myths...

Myth #1 - Waterbeds are way too heavy and will crash through my floor!

Just imagine having a nice dinner with five of your friends, all gathered around the dining table. Now imagine that as you enjoy their company you all crashed through the floor due to excessive weight... not gonna happen, right? We can all agree that a dinner party would never crash through a floor, even though you and five friends are heavier than a king-size waterbed all filled up.

That’s right, the weight of an Afloat waterbed is evenly distributed across a large area, and a full waterbed weighs less per square foot than a dining room table with people and food.

One gallon of water weighs 8.3 pounds.

An Afloat King size waterbed weights 140 gallons 140 x 8.3 = 1162 pounds

An Afloat Queen size waterbed weights 110 gallons 110 x 8.3 = 913 pounds

Myth #2 - Waterbeds will make you seasick.

Aye Captain, that’s right, people think that sleeping on a waterbed could make you seasick. Seasickness on a boat comes from the constant rolling motion and is even more aggravated when a given motion is out of sync with what your inner ear senses.

Neither of those things happens on a waterbed, we can assure you. The Afloat waterbeds are designed to stop all wave motion in one second, and unwanted movement is eliminated altogether.

Yes, you read that correctly. Every Afloat bed comes with our wave suppression technology inside the mattress. The internal support material greatly reduces any motion and provides all passengers a more stable night sleep.

Myth #3 - Waterbeds are hard to get in and out of especially for those older or physically challenged.

As we get on through the years, we all become less limber – this used to be an issue with waterbeds from yesteryear. Old waterbed designs had old problems, which made it more challenging to get out, since they were built without a firm outer perimeter. Those who had an old-school waterbed remember the wooden box that had to be overcome each morning.

All Afloat waterbeds are designed with perimeter comfort rails which provide a firm and comfortable sitting edge. This reinvented rail system makes it very comfortable to sit on the edge of your bed to get in and out of your Afloat. That makes it perfect for all those original waterbed owners who are now in the 50’s and 60’s. Furthermore, the new foam rails connect directly to the base of the bed, preventing any part of the bed foundation from shifting over time.

Myth #4 - I own a pet, cat, dog , snake, so I can’t have a waterbed.

What good is a bed if you can’t enjoy it with your favorite furry friend? The new and improved materials, along with the advanced design of the Afloat waterbed makes for the perfect place to snuggle with your favorite family member. Check out Michael Andrew, Afloat Athlete, with his pets enjoying his Afloat waterbed.

A properly filled bed is actually designed to have some slack in the top material, resulting in some “wrinkles” on top. By design, this inherently makes it more resistant to claws, or anything sharp. So, assuming you don’t have a Bengal tiger for a pet, you can sleep easy knowing that your waterbed is stronger and more resilient than ever.

Did we mention that every Afloat waterbed comes with a washable stretch knit top cover? This thin stretch-knit fabric cover expands and contracts to match your shape allowing you to feel the total body conformity of the mattress and happens to add another layer of protection.

Additionally, if you opt to purchase the memory foam for added firmness you will have another layer of protection from the mattress bladder. They say good things happen in threes, don’t they? Well, when it comes to protection, longevity and the ability to enjoy quality time with your pet, then these three things will make you sleep easy every night.

Myth #5- A waterbed could flood my house if compromised or punctured.

A flood in your house would be classified as a disaster, we would agree. However, it is said that disasters happen due to a number of unforeseen events all unfolding together. Afloat has made it an absolute priority to provide a bed that would never let that series of events occur, therefore keeping any such disaster from happening.

In the unlikely event that a small puncture were to actually happen there is an assurance that not one drop of water will hit the floor. Afloat has developed a patented bed liner system that is guaranteed to keep every ounce of water from the mattress inside the bed structure itself.

Myth #6 - A waterbed will require special sheets

While the Afloat is special, the sheets you put on it are not. Standard sheets can be put on your Afloat mattress in the same manner you put them on an ordinary mattress. But just to be sure that your sheets continue to fit right, we recommend making your bed every morning. Okay, that part is a myth but not a bad way to start every day.

Can you think of a waterbed myth we missed? Email us at so we can enter you into our Myth drawing to win some awesome Afloat swag.

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