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Fill & Drain Kit

From $24.95

INCLUDED with the purchase of every Afloat bed.

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  • Key Features

    Filling and/or draining your softside or hardside waterbed is easier than ever when you use the Fill and Drain Kit. Everything you need is included, making your task much easier.


    • Venturi (siphon) Pump:

    Attach to a faucet using the included faucet adaptor. Printed instructions are included.

    • Faucet Adaptor:

    Converts the female threads inside the faucet aerator to male threads, allowing you to attach the female end of a hose or Venturi Pump to your faucet.  Printed instructions included.

    • Hose Shut-off Valve:

    Threads on to the male end of the hose.  Allows you to turn the water off and on without running back to the faucet or other water source.  Demonstrated in the YouTube “Afloat waterbed assembly” video.

    • Fill Meter & Fill Chart:

    Allows you to properly fill your water compartment or compartments.  Printed instructions are included, and use is demonstrated in the YouTube video.

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