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Firm Flotation With Space Saver Platform

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Queen: 60"W X 80"L:
Provides plenty of space for one adult
Eastern King: 76"W X 80"L:
Easily large enough to accommodate two adults.
  • Key Features
    • Over-sized water mattress and a stretch knit fabric cover that work together to totally conform to the shape of your body.
    • Removable and machine washable cover – keeps your bed hypoallergenic
    • Afloat wave suppression and support system.
    • Solid state temperature control system – accurate to within 1 degree F.
    • 1" memory foam layer for a greater sense of firmness without sacrificing even skin pressure distribution or precise temperature control.
    • Elevated platform for expansive under bed storage space.
    • For Dual Beds: Provides personalized temperature control for both sleepers.


Firm Flotation

For those who prefer a little more firmness, we add a detached and removable layer of memory foam. It is not sewn into the cover or glued to the mattress interior, as is common with ordinary mattresses that use memory foam. By making it “free-floating” we eliminate a “hammocking” effect which would both reduce body conformity and prevent removal/replacement of the memory foam.

Space Saver Foundation

Provides more of a “free floating” mattress appearance by eliminating the look of the traditional foundation. The open space below the Afloat mattress provides easy access to otherwise wasted storage space. The number of cubic feet under a king sized mattress is about the same as the number of cubic feet in a typical 3’ wide x 2’ deep hall closet. So yes, when you select our Space Saver, you could say you just added a closet to your home!

How to Set Up Your Afloat Mattress

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