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Meet Dr. Matt Symons

Meet Dr Matt Symons

“…Healing yourself is a holistic journey – one that requires time and effort, just like anything important in life.”

This credo is one that Dr Matt Symons takes to heart and employs with every patient he sees at his Palm Beach Health Center. It’s also the reason why we’re pleased to introduce our Afloat community to our resident Medical Advisor, Dr Matt Symons.

Healing people comes natural to Dr Symons, and his role as Founder and Head Chiropractor at the Palm Beach Health Center is the culmination of events his life has presented. The calling to the chiropractic field is one that can be pinpointed to single event decades ago.

Dr. Matt

A severe neck injury at a high school wrestling competition initially led Dr. Symons to conventional treatment, which leaned heavily on ritualistic drugs, and the severe headaches quickly followed. He knew there had to be a better way and found a family friend who was a chiropractor who thought a bit differently – it is that relationship that changed his course, and is the reason so many patients at the Palm Beach Health Center are so happy.

The achievements and accolades of Dr Symons are plenty:

  • B.S. in Human Biology, SUNY Albany
  • D.C.: Chiropractic, Logan College of Chiropractic
  • Level 1 & 2 of Spinal and Scoliosis Correction
  • Member of Team USA – Wrestling, Weightlifting & Judo since 2009
  • Served at the London Games, 2012
  • Owner of Palm Beach Health Center in Palm Beach, Florida since 2002

Everything Dr Symons does for his patients is driven by research and evidence-based practices, which is critical when making the most effective health related decisions. It is this scientific approach that inspires Dr. Symons to be on the lookout for anything that works for his patients rather than work against them.

He came to Afloat with that same motivation, and immediately saw results.

“…we all know how important sleep is for the body to heal itself – we spend around a third of our lives recovering from each day’s rigors, so it’s time to get serious about sleep.”

The Afloat waterbed has been reinvented to provide people with the best qualities of water which provide optimal spinal support and alleviate those unwanted pressure points on the body. According to Dr. Symons, if everyone could just have that optimal positioning, and reduce pesky pressure points, we would all have a better chance of waking up each morning in comfort.

The same principles that help heal ailing patients are the same that help us all in our quest for better sleep.

“…If a bed provides better support to reduce pain and offer a better sleep environment for healing an ailing body, then it certainly makes sense for all of us looking to wake up feeling their best.”

Dr. Matt Symons takes healing people very seriously, and that’s why we think you’ll find his vast experience to be helpful as he adds his insights to help us all sleep better at night. He has a long history of helping people feel better every day, and that is why we’re so pleased to consider Dr Matt Symons a member of the Afloat team.

Dr. Matt
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