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Here at Afloat, we take sleep seriously because you take sleep seriously.
Our passion for helping you sleep better at night is the reason we reinvented the waterbed.
As you’ll see our Afloaters are always delighted to share their experiences.

Here are just a few reviews from our customers …

Jeorge M
Miami, FL

I have been using the Afloat waterbed for the last three years and its been great. No troubles getting in or out of the bed using the standard bedding that everyone is used to using. It’s a great purchase three years ago. 5 out of 5 stars for the Eastern King Afloat soft side waterbed.

Vicky G
Stillwell, KS

“We LOVE our Afloat king bed. It’s so comfortable that I miss it terribly when I travel. Regular sheets fit and it looks just like a normal bed. The customer service is the best, 5 stars! We’ve only needed them when our questions were due to too many family members trying to be the boss. Get one, you won’t regret it!”

Michele & Rick B
Gig Harbor, WA

So glad we chose the Afloat bed last year! It has been the best, most comfortable bed we’ve ever had. It’s great that it looks like a traditional mattress and takes regular sheets and bedding, too. In addition, I want to point out that even with a 100lb weight difference between us, there’s not much wave “rolling” from one side to the other. And finally, just like the vintage-inspired product itself, the Afloat customer service is the very best type of “old fashioned!” Just a wonderful experience all around! Definitely recommend to everyone! Thank you!

Allison p
Kerrville, TX

This bed is awesome!!!!! We just finished putting it together. Love it!! We just took a nap on it this afternoon and I don’t think I’ve slept that good in….I don’t know how long! Thanks for all of your help.

Terry D
Bentonville, AR

I have been sleeping on my new Afloat waterbed for 3 months now, and I just love the gentle sensation of sleeping on water! I had slept on waterbeds for 20 years (mid '70s to mid '90s) and always loved it, but then waterbeds seemed to disappear as suddenly as they had come on the scene in the 1960s. A few months ago I was considering a new mattress, and it struck me, "whatever happened to waterbeds?" I Googled it and discovered Afloat and the NEW revival of waterbeds by the original inventor! After reading every detail on the website, I eagerly ordered my new bed and anxiously awaited its arrival. There are a rather overwhelming number of pieces to assemble, but once we read the instructions and watched the online tutorial videos, it really went together quite easily. The fill kit and flow meter made filling with the hose very precise. Then came the delicious moment of climbing into my waterbed for the first time in 20+ years! Yes! I love a waterbed as much now as ever! The solid foam framework is much easier and more comfortable than the old wood railing for getting in and out of bed, and the new system has a more subtle feel of gentle wave action rather than the old tidal wave effect when you climb into bed. Lol! It is convenient to use regular sheets rather than requiring special sheets as the old beds did, but my only complaint is that there isn't much room to tuck the fitted sheet under the mattress because it fits so snug to the frame. The Afloat is so comfortable, with no more sore shoulders and pressure points. I LOVE my Afloat bed!

Doraleen F
Los Gatos, CA

I love my new waterbed! The wave suppression is incredible. Also, the space saver platform is wonderful. Easy to assemble and lots of storage space.

Ron & Gwen T
Austin, TX

We have been married over 30 years and have always had a waterbed. About 7 years ago our Waterbed sprung a leak and we had trouble finding a replacement. We switched to a Traditional Mattress and during that 7 years we were miserable and replaced the mattress 3 times. Fast Forward to December 2021 when we found the Afloat website! We are now sleeping Happily Ever After! No more tossing and turning or waking up in discomfort! We needed a little help deciding which Afloat mattress would be best for us and we experienced great customer service! We purchased the Afloat Total dual King Eastern. Everyday my Husband says “I Love this Bed!" And so do I!

Nicole M
Glendale, AZ

We are thoroughly enjoying our Afloat. We haven't slept this good in years. I am amazed at how I feel in the morning, completely pain free for the first time in nearly 20 years. We are more than happy to share our experience with everyone. We want all who experience chronic pain or insomnia to know there is a solution. Afloat is saving my life one night at a time!

Nicolas M
Richmond Hill, GA

My wife has severe allergies. She suffers from seasonal as well as other environmental allergies year round. Her doctor advised her to encase our old mattress in a plastic cover to avoid skin contact each night. We tried that, and it was miserable. The plastic does not breath at all, and each night was hot and sweaty. After about two weeks we found another plastic cover that claimed to be breathable. This turned out to be a waste of money and time. I remember my parents having a waterbed growing up. I searched online to see if anyone still made them. My wife was not enthusiastic at first because she did not like the large wooden frames that were popular many years ago. Out of shear luck I stumbled upon Afloat. I showed the Afloat bed to her, and she was surprised to see that it looked just like any ordinary bed and sits on an ordinary bed frame. We ordered the bed, and it was shipped within a few weeks. The setup was surprisingly easy. In just an hour or so, our bed was setup and in the process of heating up. The washable cover is extremely easy to remove and toss in the washer weekly. My wife's allergies have seen a remarkable decline. As a bonus, I personally am sleeping better at night. I believe I was accustomed to a traditional mattress and didn't even realize I wasn't sleeping as well. After a week or so on the Afloat bed, I realized I was not waking up with lower back stiffness/pain. I tell people regularly about our Afloat bed. It has definitely been worth the investment!

Todd L
Lake Elmo, MN

We absolutely love the bed! It’s by far the best bed we’ve ever had.

Kevin S
Lake Villa, IL

This bed has exceeded my expectations. I love that I can keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter, saving on running the air conditioner or heat all the time.

Autumn T
True, Texas

Pressure point pain caused by traditional mattresses is gone with Afloat. So comfortable. Recent week long ice storm was warm and cozy by turning up temperature on my side of the bed. Better than the one we had in the 80's.

Adam M
Florence, MS

I sleep like a baby in my new Afloat bed! Zero pressure points, and great temperature regulation!

Dallas, TX

“This bed has helped my back pain tremendously.”

Stephanie P
Noblesville, IN

Waterbed is setup, hubby slept in it last night for the first time (I was working) and said he felt great this morning. Loving our new Afloat waterbed.

Billie M
Maryville, TN

I absolutely love this bed. It has been a tremendous help on my back and hips.

William T
Melbourne, FL

Since I started using my Afloat waterbed I get a great nights sleep. I wake up with no aches or pains. I love this bed!

Nancy P
York, NC

Let me say how much my bones & I LOVE, LOVE my bed. Best sleep ever. I highly recommend an Afloat waterbed.

Aloha from Hawaii

Antonio B Keaau, HI

I recently purchased Afloat watrebed. I’ve always wanted a waterbed and had the opportunity to purchase one. I was a bit apprehensive as I’ve never actually slept in one before. The first week was difficult as my body got used to sleeping on a water bed but since the my sleep has been AMAZING. As a 40-year old, I don’t wake up with a sore back anymore! I feel much more energized from a more restful night sleep. I’m a side sleeper and now roll from side to side a few times a night. The best part, my sheets barely move so making the bed is easy.

The screenshots below are from my watch which tracks my sleep. The first one was from last night in my Afloat. The other a few months back from a nice traditional mattress with a topper. I’m very happy with the purchase.

Antonio's Afloat Waterbed

What does this sleep data mean?

The two biggest differences are Antonio had zero REM* and lots of tossing and turning on the traditional mattress. Afloat gave him a balanced amount of sleep in the various stages with a lot less tossing and turning. Unlike the ordinary bed, he didn’t wake up for 8 straight hours on Afloat.

*REM is where your mind rejuvenates, and deep sleep (Delta or Stage 4) is where your brain waves are slowest, maximizing physical rejuvenation. Both are equally important.

Afloat waterbed Better quality sleep

Traditional Mattress Poor quality sleep

Dannell E
Edmonds, WA

I have fibromyalgia and found that sleeping on a waterbed helped so much. We had the old style queen but it took up too much space and because it was a free flow the dog wouldn't get up on it. This bed is a king but it takes up less space, has plenty of storage underneath, feels just like the old style, and the dog loves it as much as we do. Great bed.

Bryan C
Santa Rosa, CA

I am a side sleeper and sleeping in my expensive traditional memory foam bed left my hips and back super sore. I have also been told by my girlfriend I snore when I sleep on my back. My girlfriend finally convinced me to try a Total Dual Eastern King Afloat and since the first night I slept on it my pain has gone away. I have also been sleeping on my back and NOT snoring! Fantastic news for both of us.I know this bed is a life-saver for my body and my relationship!🙂

Vanessa R
Coal Township, PA

I am so happy to have another waterbed! It's great to wake up with no neck or back pain. I don't toss and turn all night either. Wish I knew about your waterbeds years ago!

Louis G
Zebulon, GA

We added a memory foam topper and really enjoy the bed. While putting it together we discovered several quality control issues. These issues won't affect anything until we have to move the bed.

Michael B
Oakdale, CA

Only had my new Afloat bed for a few weeks so perhaps it’s a little early for a product review. Michael G. and Kim R. were great to work with when ordering my California King. They answered all my questions and the bed arrived within the timeframe that was given to me for a west coast delivery. I had the bed assembled and filled and slept on it the day it arrived. I added a couple of gallons a night for a few days until it reached 150 gallons as I like a firmer waterbed than many may. I ordered a bed with a traditional foundation and have the heater set at 81 degrees. That might be colder than some people like theirs to be, but my body thermostat runs a little hot so I don’t need my bed to be as warm.

I have had a great sleep each night since I got the water amount and temperature to my liking. I’m glad I returned to sleeping on a waterbed again. Forgot what I was missing since I got rid of my old one years back. And my dog Lady Dogga loves it, too, once she got use to the water movement when she jumps up on the bed. She freaked the first time she did it, but now she loves it as much as I do. Thanks & Happy Trails, And many nights of great sleep and dreams to those who have ordered an Afloat bed.”

Kevin S
Lake Villa, IL

This bed has gone beyond my expectations - it is so comfortable I miss it dearly when away from home. These beds should be everywhere! I can keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter, saving on running the air conditioner or heat all the time. It is so easy to set up and don't even worry about cleaning it - thats one of the biggest benefits - if something spills just unzip the cover, throw in the wash, and wipe the vinyl bed. There are no dust mites, etc - perfect for those with allergies. Also the Afloat customer service team is helpful, responsive, and professional - they truly do believe in their product and stand behind its quality. I could go on and on about how much I love this bed so to sum it up its the best bed I have ever owned and cannot imagine ever sleeping on anything else.

Kimberly R
Delray Beach, FL

Our Afloat waterbed is like sleeping in a zero-gravity chair. I can’t belive how comfortable this bed is on my complete body. If I knew this waterbed was this comfortable I would have ordered ages ago. This is a must try bed it will change your sleep for the better immediately.

Longwood, FL

We’ve owned a waterbed for years and recently switched to the Afloat waterbed. We used a traditional mattress for a couple weeks waiting for our new bed to arrive and could already start feeling joint pain. Our new waterbed really conforms to our body and relieves our joint pressure. I think that people living in the northern states would really love the beds heated feature. There are few things better than rolling into a warm bed on those cold winter nights. We are very happy with our new bed and know it will last for a long time.

John W
Placitas, NM

The fact that I can crawl into a warm, heated, floating oasis at the end of the day makes me really look forward to bedtime.

I love this bed!

Julie Y
Ballwin, MI

I have long suffered from chronic neck and back pain from a car accident and this mattress has been able to help me get a better night's sleep.

Patty R
Franklin, OH

My husband and I purchased our Afloat waterbed in December 2019 after 20+ years with a traditional waterbed and we could not be happier with our Afloat! We opted for the dual king firm mattress and honestly, we don't know when each other moves. We are getting deeper, uninterrupted sleep every night! I used to have to take melatonin on occasion to help me sleep but not anymore! My back and neck problems are a thing of the past thanks to the Afloat mattress, firm foam covering and dual heating controls. I only wish we would have "taken the plunge" sooner!!

Robin M

We love our bed! We experience a lot less tossing and turning, and sleep much better throughout the night. The only downside is the space under the mattress is small which makes it a little difficult to put on our fitted sheets but I do like being able to sit on the foam edge of the bed. I was unable to do this with our original bladder and frame. Overall we both enjoy the bed very much and are getting a better night’s sleep.

Terry M
longmont, CO

We love our new bed! We both owned waterbeds in the past but have had a traditional mattress for the last 10 years. On that bed we were developing aches and pains in our back and shoulders. The first night we slept in our Afloat waterbed we noticed the difference. Every muscle felt supported and with the heated feature we could feel our bodies relax. We’re getting better sleep with 30% fewer spells of awakening, based on my FitBit sleep data, and I’m getting up in the morning with fewer aches and less stiffness. I repeat: We love our new bed! Thank you for the great product and support, and we wish you loads of success.

Michael G
Hauula, HI

My name is Michael, I’m a 38 year old heavy equipment mechanic in Hawaii. My job is pretty hard on my body. As a side sleeper with pressure point problems I am always sore. On an expensive name brand medium firm memory foam mattress I’d often wake up in more pain than I had before I went to bed. My best sleep ever was when I was a kid on a waterbed, do they still exist? I pulled up Google and started searching. I came across The Afloat Waterbed. I was so excited to see they offer shipping to Hawaii setup through a freight forwarding company. I placed my order on their website and within 1 minute, I kid you not. I received a call from Kim who works for Afloat and she was an absolutely wonderful, kind person to work with getting me setup with everything I needed. Kim got the order shipped for free to the freight forwarder from their factory. I just had to pay for the second leg of the shipping by ship to Hawaii. (It was very reasonably priced so that was nice) Bed arrived at my door in perfect condition and the build quality was top notch! I highly recommend the firm mattress pad. I feel like I’m 10 years younger. I no longer have any pain and I’m sleeping deeper and more sound.

I wake up feeling refreshed with much more energy. Being a side sleeper this bed has changed my life for the better. I’ll never go back to a traditional mattress. The people at Afloat treat you like family and actually have an amazing product. I’m so happy, I’m more productive now and actually look forward to going to bed at night and getting a good night's sleep. Thank you Afloat and your team for making this happen all the way out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You guys rock and have a customer for life!

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