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Water Mattress Carrier

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Key Features

  • Any water mattress, even when properly drained, will still contain at least two gallons of water and, depending on the mattress design and size, could weigh between 30 and 70 pounds. 
  • Lifting a folded water mattress with your arms, will allow the water to move to the lowest point due to gravity.  This can cause the mattress and the support structure in the mattress to shift around. 
  • The Afloat Mattress Carrier allows you to prevent shifting by laying the folded water mattress on the flat Mattress Carrier lying next to it.
  • The Afloat mattress Carrier be more easily transported by two people, using the Carrier’s handles.

Afloat’s 100 Night Promise of Satisfaction applies only to the purchase of an entire Afloat waterbed. Purchases of components (“Afloat Extras”) do not include the 100 Night Promise of Satisfaction.

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