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We Truly Reinvented The Waterbed

  • 1969:
    Charles Hall invented the waterbed.
    The US Patent Office agreed.
  • 2018:
    Charles Hall reinvented the waterbed.
  • 2020:
    The US Patent Office agreed, again:
    US Patent 10,799,033


These are positioned as premium products, a smart move, as consumers really want better sleep, not cheaper sleep. I think the timing is fantastic. Water beds were the original disruptors.

I've been fighting the urge this entire interview not to doze off, which I guess is kind of a rave review.

You sink a few inches; but when the bed settles, the water evens out and seems to firm up under you. The experience is nothing like a pillow-top or memory-foam bed.

The Afloat is equipped with temperature control, an improved wave-suppression system, and a fabric cover that provides better body contouring. And this go-around, you don’t need to purchase special water bed sheets; any standard bed linens fit.

The Afloat line offers a number of product improvements for today’s consumers, including a vinyl safety liner to prevent leaks, a sturdy foam frame that conforms to the body when you are sitting on the edge of the bed or sleeping near the edge, and a hypo-allergenic stretch cover.

It’s like floating, it’s so nice,” [one customer] said at his Coral Springs home. “Everybody is like, ‘Really, you got a waterbed?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, they’re really good, they’re better than they ever were.’

Talking about temperature-control innovations and health-conscious consumers, inventor Charles Hall and City Furniture CEO Keith Koenig don’t sound like wild and crazy guys. They aren’t the ones who joke that millennials claiming to have never seen a waterbed likely were conceived in one. They just sound enviably well-rested.

‘Seeing a [water bed] undulate like they did in the early 1970s, people looked at it and said, 'Well, this is an interesting ride,'" Hall said. ‘Now it's comfort first.’

For someone who has never been on a waterbed, what they're missing out on, besides a good night's sleep, is just fun. It's almost like being a little kid again. I think there would be a lot happier couples, a whole lot less aches and pains. It's a religious experience!

Afloat Mattress Types

Nothing Contours & Supports

Water moves as you move, reshaping itself to support the contours of your body, and Afloat Wave Suppression makes those moves supremely comfortable. And unlike any other bed support system, water is ABSOLUTELY seamless, which means no matter your size or how you’re positioned, it’s always just right.

Afloat waterbeds rashape themselves do support the contours of your body.

Nothing Reduces Pressure Points

Because water adjusts to your body fluidly, it INSTANTLY REDUCES pressure points that can interrupt the rhythm of your sleep. The fewer interruptions to emotionally restorative REM sleep and physically rejuvenative Delta sleep, the happier we are upon waking.

Afloat waterbeds instantly reduce pressure points to keep you comfortable at night.

Nothing Controls Sleep Temperature

We want our sleep environments to keep our skin temperature—which is about 5 degrees cooler than our core—happy. Between water (a brilliant medium for heat/cool transfer), our temperature control pad and our new Afloat fabric cover, we can keep your bed temperature right where you want it!

Have full control over your sleep temperature with our temperature control pad and Aflat fabric cover.

Nothing Ensures Hygienic Sleep Time

Ugly fact: most beds have critters. Dust mites and the occasional bed bugs love the cotton, foam and fiber inside an ordinary mattress. Afloat’s water compartment membrane is impermeable to critters. Afloat’s fabric stretch cover is fully machine- washable. Now you can keep your bed as hygienic as the day you bought it!

Afloat waterbeds water compartment membrane prevents critters from creating an unhygienic sleep environment.

Nothing helps you Sleep like Afloat waterbeds

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