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No matter how diverse our opinions, we can all agree that bed bugs and dust mites are gross. Bed bugs feed on our blood, while dust mites feed on the skin we shed. What these two pests have in common is their preference for living in mattresses, regardless of the owner’s hygiene. They’re also easily transferable, which makes them especially an issue for travelers.

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It’s easy enough to see the problem with bed bugs. After all, they’re parasites. No one likes a parasite. Dust mites, on the other hand, primarily eat the dead skin we shed from our bodies. So are they really that big a deal? The problem with dust mites is that they are an allergen in themselves. Furthermore, the things they leave behind are also allergens. Any way you slice it, you don’t want either of these pests in your mattress.

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The good news is that an Afloat mattress is inhospitable to these and any other household pest, because the vinyl materials lack the nooks and crannies such creatures like to call home. In addition, an Afloat mattress is impenetrable to dust, dirt, pet dander, and any other common allergen, which most conventional mattresses allow in. The Afloat removable mattress cover is machine washable, making it easy to maintain a clean sleeping environment. While the cover is in the wash, you can give the vinyl mattress surface a quick wipe down, and you’ll have the most critter-free, hypoallergenic mattress money can buy. Nothing else comes close!

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