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Man in blue sleepwear holds his back while wincing due to sleeping on a sagging mattress

Make a Lasting Impression - Just Not in Your Mattress

Most premium mattresses use a “pillow top,” or thickly padded top, to create a soft, comfortable surface. This extra padding is often made of natural or synthetic fibers, as well as memory foam. These materials eventually compress under normal use, forming “body impressions” that reduce the mattress’s original comfort and support.

Illustration of a woman sleeping with poor back support from a sagging traditional mattress compared to good back support and alignment from an Afloat waterbed mattress

The “support layer” of those premium mattresses often consists of metal springs. Like any mechanical device, springs also break down with use. This comes in the form of reduced coil tension and dips in the mattress surface. With an Afloat waterbed mattress, there are no mechanical parts involved in your support, meaning you don’t have to worry about a spring in the back or a dip in your mattress!

Afloat mattresses never stop fitting you perfectly.

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Another common alternative is a memory foam mattress. However, even memory foam loses its “memory,” leaving a sunken impression where you sleep. You can prolong the inevitable by rotating a memory foam mattress every so often, but the end result is the same. Water, on the other hand, always returns to its natural state. That’s why an Afloat waterbed mattress never stops fitting you perfectly, yet also retains its natural shape.

The bottom line is water never wears out, is always supportive, and has no memory to lose. While this might mean that you can’t expect a birthday card from a waterbed mattress, what you can expect is the same body-conforming sleep experience, night after night.

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