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Spinal Alignment

Spinal Alignment


When you lie on a traditional mattress you’ll notice that only certain parts of your body actually make contact with the mattress, which means your entire body is not being supported. As a result, your spine is not properly aligned, which can lead to interrupted sleep cycles and serious chronic back issues. This doesn’t happen with an Afloat mattress.

Since water is a fluid, it naturally seeks out and fills every gap between your body and the mattress, and that includes your spine, thereby eliminating pressure points. This way, as you sleep—regardless of position—your spine is always in proper alignment. As you can see from the illustrations below, this is why so many people who suffer from chronic back issues often turn to waterbeds for immediate and consistent relief.

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Illustration #1 Back sleeper

Spinal alignment back


With an Afloat mattress (upper), water completely supports the spine, allowing it to remain in its naturally curved alignment.

Traditional Mattress

As you can see, the resistance of a traditional mattress (bottom) doesn’t allow the spine to achieve its naturally curved shape (viewed from the side). Instead, it forces the spine out of alignment, thereby creating pressure points and pain highlighted in pink.

Eliminate pressure points so you can sleep undisturbed.

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Illustration #2 Side Sleeper

Spinal alignment side


On an Afloat mattress, the shoulder can sink deeper, removing pressure from the spine, allowing it to remain in perfect, optimal alignment for a restful night’s sleep.

Traditional Mattress

When you lie on a traditional mattress, you’ll notice how it does not rise up to support your neck or the small of your back – your lumbar area. When you relax your back muscles, this area drops down , knocking your spine out of correct alignment. This can cause pain and interrupt the quality of your sleep. This does not happen with an Afloat mattress.

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