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Better Together: How water and memory foam make for a cooler, more joyful night.

Better Together: How water and memory foam make for a cooler, more joyful night.

Jan 21st 2021

Over the last decade, memory foam mattresses have transformed the way millions of us sleep -and for good reason. They conform to the body, relieve pressure points, and provide stability and structure. But for all its benefits, memory foam also has its drawbacks.

For one, memory foam is hot. It’s a natural insulator that absorbs heat from our bodies and reflects it back, disrupting our sleep as temperatures build up. Memory foam can also restrict movement. While the stability of memory foam can reduce sleep disruptions, thick layers of foam can limit our ability to move freely while . . . not sleeping.

Water, on the other hand, is a natural temperature regulator and a highly efficient conductor of heat. Unlike foam, which reflects heat, water absorbs it in the effort to equalize with your body’s own temperature. Simply put, if you’re hot and lay on a waterbed, it absorbs the heat so you feel cooler.

In addition, Afloat’s personalized temperature controls let you set the temperature of your waterbed to within 1 degree fahrenheit. This allows you to sleep cool on the hottest summer night. No other bed can do that.

Water moves with you. It conforms and supports the body, relieving pressure points for a more restful, more joyful night. Waterbed purists love the Afloat Pure Flotation because it instantly  conforms to the shape of your body no matter what position you’re in, for a better night sleep  and a better . . . night. “Because this water bed fills in any open spots, the motion is  suppressed substantially,” explains Afloat co-founder and inventor Charlie Hall. “The cuddling and position aspects are far better than anything you could imagine.”

A love match: Memory foam and water. The Afloat Firm Flotation leverages the stability of memory foam without sacrificing the cooling and contouring benefits of water.

At its core, the Afloat stretch cover and oversized water mattress work together to support your  body and regulate temperature. To that foundation, we add a thin, ultra-pliable layer of memory foam that offers firmness and stability. This detachable layer brings structure, easing movement in and out of bed without sacrificing the joy of water.

Our thin layer of memory foam makes it more comfortable to sleep at the very edge of the bed. And, for those who sleep on our king-size dual mattress models, it also helps smooth the seam between the two mattresses. 

“I sleep on an Afloat Firm Flotation mattress, “ says Afloat founder Michael Geraghty, “and so do my partners and co-founders Charlie Hall and Keith Koenig. We’re all waterbed purists. Charlie invented the original waterbed in 1968. Keith and I began our careers making and selling in the early 1970’s. We’ve known the joy of water for most of our lives. But the addition of memory foam adds a structure and stability that for me, makes the waterbed even better.”

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