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Summer Sleep Essentials

Summer Sleep Essentials

Aug 4th 2020

Having trouble falling asleep this hot summer? We’ve got you covered! Follow these tips and tricks for an amazing night's rest!

Turn on the Fan or AC

Not only does a cool breeze feel great on your skin, it actually allows you to fall asleep faster! Try turning on your fan to a high speed or lowering your AC. Skip the sweat and wake up feeling refreshed and cool!

Invest in an Eye Mask or Curtains

The summer sun can be bright and overwhelming. If you find yourself waking up earlier than you would like due to the harsh sun, try wearing an eye mask before bedtime! This will block out any extra sunlight that may be disrupting your sleep schedule. If you find an eye mask to be uncomfortable, blackout curtains are another great option.

Cut the Noise!

Are your neighbors disrupting your peace and quiet? Try wearing earplugs if you find yourself unable to sleep due to excess noise. You can also listen to relaxing, calm music if you find that that works better for you.

Avoid Caffeine before Bedtime

Stay away from drinks like coffee, soda, and alcohol too close to nighttime. These drinks can keep you up and prevent you from getting the continuous, restful sleep you are looking for.

Comfy Blanket

You may need to switch out your usual winter sheets with a more breathable, lightweight fabric for summer. You may even find yourself not wanting to use a comforter at all if it’s too hot!


The summer heat could have you feeling thirstier than usual. Keep a bottle of water on your nightstand in order to quench that middle of the night thirst! It’s always important to stay hydrated, especially during the hot summer months.


It’s time to trade in your sweats for shorts! Try wearing breathable fabrics and shorts for a no-sweat experience.

Invest in an Afloat Mattress

A comfortable mattress is necessary for a great sleep year round! All of our mattresses have temperature control that will contribute to a restful night and have you wake up feeling refreshed!

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