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“We Truly Reinvented the Waterbed”

“We Truly Reinvented the Waterbed”

Nov 6th 2020

In 1969, Charles Hall invented the waterbed. The US Patent Office agreed: US Patent # 585356

In 2018, Charles Hall re-invented the waterbed. The US Patent Office agreed, again: US Patent 10,799,033.

Afloat has given waterbeds a whole new meaning and experience since their rebirth. Waterbeds were invented in 1969 by Charles Hall and later reinvented in 2018 by Hall. Recently, Hall Flotation LLC, the makers of Afloat, was awarded by the US Patent Office a new patent - 10,799,033 - for their unimaginable reinvention of the waterbed.

The combination of the super-thin, stretch-knit cover, and oversized inner water compartment offers an even more body-contouring flotation comfort than all models based on Hall’s original patent. The Afloat Waterbed also appears as a standard mattress with its unique fully removable and machine washable cover. This is much more desirable than the old wooden box waterbeds used to come in, allowing the Afloat Waterbed to be used with any type of bedroom furniture. In addition, the wave-reducing inner support system is much more effective and trouble-free than the average old design.

Another key difference in the reinvention is the more precise temperature control. The beds are better insulated, resulting in reduced energy costs by as much as 50% compared to the old waterbed design.

Charles Hall noted, “After patenting the original waterbed more than 50 years ago and having a great night’s sleep ever since, I decided to update and redesign the original, using materials that weren’t previously available. This created a bed that is easy to get in and out of, completely waveless, and has an even more compliant surface that contours to your body, eliminating pressure points that cause discomfort. It looks like a conventional mattress but sleeps like nothing else. A temperature-controlled surface allows you to dial in your individual preference.”

Hall’s original invention resulted in the sale of over 50 million earlier-generation waterbeds. The new patent will give Afloat even higher credibility to the new waterbed design. 

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