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Science tells us that we require, on average 8 hours of sleep per night in order to maintain our mental and physical well-being. And we happen to believe that if you can spend that 8 hours sleeping on a king-size or queen-size waterbed mattress you’d feel even better! Which begs the question, why do waterbed mattresses make for the most restful kind of sleep? Basically, it has to do with the way the human body is constructed.

While our skeletons do a bang-up job of supporting our bodies, when it comes to sleeping on a traditional mattress they’re woefully lacking. As we all know, bones weren’t built to bend (let alone, break). So, when you lie down on a traditional mattress which, like us, is also built on a rigid frame, the only parts of your body that actually make full contact with the mattress are the joints and sharp angles of your skeleton, like your knees, elbows, hips, and shoulders. This is why, contrary to what traditional mattress manufacturers would have you believe, a traditional mattress simply can’t conform to your entire body. Ironically, the only medium that can completely adapt and fully support the human form is one that has no form at all, namely, water. No matter how soft and cushiony and luxurious a traditional mattress is, it can’t offer the kind of singular sleep experience that a waterbed mattress can. And that’s not marketing speaking, that’s science! If you want to buy a waterbed mattress, it helps to be informed about waterbeds. Because there’s a lot to consider. Do you want a Queen Size waterbed, a King Size waterbed, or a California King Size waterbed? What kind of waterbed supplies will you need? Can you put a waterbed together by yourself? How do you drain a waterbed? How much does a waterbed weigh? All good questions for which we can provide the answers. Because we don’t just manufacture and sell the best waterbeds to be found anywhere. We’re waterbed evangelists. We firmly believe in the power of sleeping on a waterbed. Part of that probably comes from the fact that Afloat Waterbeds was founded by the original inventor of the waterbed, Charles Hall. But, it mostly comes from satisfied customers who tell us that being able to achieve a level of restful, restorative sleep because they switched to one of our beds isn’t just a good thing—it’s a life-altering thing! From waterbed frames, waterbed heaters, and waterbed sheets, to waterbed drain kits, waterbed sizes, and waterbeds for sale, we at Afloat waterbeds are here to help bring your dream of owning a waterbed to reality. And, regardless of which waterbed mattress, you choose to suit your personal preferences, you’ll be purchasing the highest level of form and function ever achieved for a waterbed. From the materials we use to our construction process, each Afloat waterbed is designed to offer the ultimate in comfort and durability. And while the waterbed’s legacy goes back more than 50 years, rest assured that an Afloat Waterbed is built for the tastes and physical needs of today’s consumers and beyond.

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Afloat Essential

Starting at $999.00


Afloat TOTAL

Starting at $1,488.00


Afloat XD

Starting at $2,099.00


Water Mattress & Liner

The wonderfully waveless heart of your bed

Temperature Control System

Keep your bed within 1 degree of your preferred temperature

Stretch-Knit Washable Cover

Removable, washable, hypo-allergenic

Smooth Edge Platform Deck

Adds a finished look and makes tucking your fitted sheet super-easy

Total Home Energy Savings

Your bed will help you save on cooling and heating

Foam Perimeter Rails

Provides a comfortable sitting edge

Wave Suppression and Support

Contours to your body and significantly reduces pressure

Memory Foam for Added Firmness

1" cover adds firmness while keeping body contouring & temperature

Optional Optional Optional

Heavy-Duty “Lockdown” Foam Perimeter Rails

Maintains foam perimeter for years

Afloat Total Care Kit

Everything to keep your water clean and hygienic

Energy Saving Insulation System

Save money and keep your temp normal

Modified Depth for Greater Weight

Able to support combined sleeping weight up to 500 lbs

The Science Behind Waterbeds

While the waterbed heyday dates back to the early 1970s, the science that makes sleeping on a waterbed such a pleasurable experience actually goes back much further.

Archimedes was the most famous mathematician of ancient Greece. And it’s the principle that bears his name that explains the science behind waterbeds. His principle states: the upward buoyant force that is exerted on a body immersed in fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces.

In other words, it takes more water to float a bigger boat. Many earlier “hybrid” waterbeds did not have enough water to provide true flotation to most adults. When filled per our instructions Afloat Essential and Afloat Total provide total floatation comfort and support to up to 300 sleeper pounds in Queen and up to 400 sleeper pounds in King. A king size Afloat XD is extra deep and will provide the same high level of comfort and support to up to 500 sleeper pounds.

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exploded illustration of the AFLOAT mattress

Stretch Knit Top Cover

A thin stretch-knit fabric that expands and contracts to match your shape allowing you to feel the total body conformity of the mattress. It is also easily removable and washable to ensure this is the most hypo-allergenic mattress you can own.

Memory Foam Assembly

This 1” thick free-floating layer matches the shape of your body while adding a little firmness.

Available on our Essential, Total, and XD models.

Waveless Water Mattress

With modern materials, this mattress is more durable than previous mattresses and the oversized mattress will be loose so when you lie down, the surface will be able to totally conform to the shape of your body better than any mattress in the market.

The mattresses internal support material greatly reduces the wave motion experienced in older generation waterbeds which allows for a more stable night sleep.

Thermal Divider

This flexible vertical panel serves as insulation between the dual mattresses to ensure zero heat transfer.

Only included in King Dual models

Impermeable Liner

This easy-to-clean material prevents any spilled water from escaping and prevents dust mites and bedbugs from moving into the Afloat interior, ensuring a hygienic sleep.

Perimeter Comfort Rails

Provides a comfortable sitting edge. Connector system locks rails into decking to prevent the rails from changing shape over the years while also creating a “hinging action” that helps keep your bed linens in place better than any ordinary mattresses.

Available on our Total and XD models.

Heating System

The heating pad works in concert with your Afloat digital temperature controller on the outside of your bed to keep you bed within 1 degree of your preferred temperature.

Two units included for the Dual models. One unit included for Standard models.

Lower Cover Panel

The Lower Cover Panel locks into the perimeter rail system to prevent any shifting over time and allows for easier access to unzip the Stretch Knit Top Cover for machine washing.

Traditional Box Foundation

Supports the Afloat mattress assembly and locks into the rail system to prevent any shifting. The insulated system inside the foundation also reduces electrical operating costs by up to 40% compared to earlier generation waterbeds.

Heavy-Duty Metal Bed Frame

Raises the foundation about 6” above the floor.

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