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Temperature Regulation

Temperature Regulation

Sleep Like Goldilocks on an Afloat Waterbed

One of the worst things for a good night’s sleep is being too hot or too cold. If you leave your bed to adjust the thermostat, you might struggle to drift off again. Worse, even if you manage to sleep while too cold, you still won’t get the rest you need. In an ideal world, your bed would keep you comfortable, regardless of air temperature. While we can’t promise an ideal world, we can promise a mattress that lets you focus on sleep.

Your Comfort, Explained

Get ready, because we’re going to blow your mind here. When we describe cold, what we’re really talking about is the absence of heat. In fact, the sensation of being cold is actually heat leaving your body too rapidly!

Our bodies naturally emit heat. We need that heat to go somewhere, if we’re going to be comfortable. However, how fast or slow it goes is what determines our comfort level.

Most people find an air temperature between 68-72°F to be comfortable in the house. Of course, the average body temperature is 98.6°F. What this means is that this difference in temperature allows your body to dissipate heat at a rate that’s just right. If the air is too warm, this heat transfer slows, and your body starts to sweat. If the air is too cool, you lose heat too quickly, which results in chills.

Air is a Poor Conductor

Have you ever noticed that a pool feels too cold when it’s the same temperature as comfortable outside air? The reason for this is that water is a far better conductor of heat. The pool feels too cold at the same temperature because the water transfers your body heat at a much higher rate.

For water to feel comfortable, it usually needs to be between 85-92°F. At these temperatures, our body heat transfers similarly to what we perceive as comfortable air. Of course, the precise temperature for comfort depends on the individual, which is why families always argue over the thermostat control!

Afloat mattresses never stop fitting you perfectly.

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Forget Your Thermostat with an Afloat Waterbed

Since water is a far better conductor of heat than air, an Afloat waterbed can more efficiently regulate your sleep temperature. Every Afloat mattress includes a solid-state temperature control system, which maintains the perfect water temperature for you. This allows you to set your household thermostat lower than you can with a traditional bed. As a result, you save on your energy bill!

When you first set your Afloat temperature set point, you should start at 85°F. It’s best to start this process early in the day, as it can take about an hour per degree for the water to warm up. During the heating cycle, the Afloat temperature controller will flash an indicator light.

This light continues flashing until the water temperature reaches the set point. If 85°F feels too cool, raise the set point by a degree or two, and wait an hour. Continue this process until you find the right temperature for your ultimate comfort.

Once you know your perfect sleep temperature, you can set it and forget it. The Afloat solid-state temperature control will maintain the water temperature within one degree of set point. At bedtime, you can lower the household temperature, and let your Afloat waterbed do all the work. You’ll sleep better for longer on your Afloat waterbed mattress.

If you and your partner have different ideas about the perfect temperature, Afloat has you covered. Our Afloat Dual King features a thermal divider, so each sleeper can set their own sleep temperature. No more fighting over the household thermostat at night!

At Afloat, we’re dedicated to providing your best sleep experience. With an Afloat waterbed mattress, you get unrivaled pressure relief, excellent spinal alignment, and the perfect sleep temperature, night after night. Can your traditional mattress do all that?

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