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Standard Queen Waterbed

Our Standard Queen Size Waterbed Mattress

Afloat Essential

Our Most Cost-Friendly Solution
Afloat Essential

Standard Queen Waterbed

Starting at $999.00


  • Water mattress and liner
  • Temperature control system
  • Stretch-knit washable cover
  • Foam perimeter rails

As Low As $34.70/ Month With 36 Months Financing*

Afloat Total

The Original & Most Popular
Afloat Total

Standard Queen Waterbed

Starting at $1,700.00

Includes Afloat Essential features PLUS:

  • Heavy-duty lock-down foam perimeter rails
  • Energy-saving insulation system
  • Total care kit

As Low As $59.03/ Month With 36 Months Financing*

If you are looking for an exceptional sleeping experience, the Standard Queen Size mattress family from Afloat can provide you with the very best quality sleeping experience at an affordable price. Our Queen size waterbed mattress comes in 2 models:

Afloat Essential

Our most cost-friendly queen size waterbed, the Afloat Essential presents a fantastic value and benefits from our brands’ best features: our temperature control system, water mattress and liner, washable cover, and foam perimeter rails.

Afloat Total

The original and most popular of our queen size waterbed lineup, the Afloat Total takes all the features of the Afloat Essential and adds a more robust perimeter rail system, our energy-saving insulation system, and our Total Care waterbed care kit, which comes with our hose, air extractor, fill & drain kit, patch kit, mattress carrier, and water conditioner.

Afloat XD

Due to weight limitations, there is no XD variant for Queen size mattress shoppers. For shoppers looking for a mattress size that can accommodate 2 adults and up to 500 lbs., we recommend either the Afloat Total or Afloat XD lines in our Eastern King or California King configurations

No matter which line you choose, you can expect to have a fantastic experience with your new queen size waterbed mattress from Afloat.

Rest easy with our 100 night guarantee

You won’t be able to tell how much Afloat™ will improve your sleep by sleeping on it for one night. Take it home, try it out and if you don't experience your best sleep ever we'll take it back within 100 nights.

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Queen Size Waterbed FAQ

How Much Does a Queen Waterbed Weigh? How should I determine if my home is compatible?

A queen size Afloat waterbed with the traditional foundation or the Space Saver platform weighs around 300 pounds per foot of width when filled with water. This means a queen size waterbed weighs around 1,500 pounds with one average-sized adult.

While this might seem heavy, it’s important to keep in mind that the weight of the bed is evenly distributed over a large area. Homes and buildings built to code and have not experienced structural damage before will have floors and ceilings that can safely support waterbeds.

The weight of a waterbed is fine for new construction but can surpass the weight-bearing capacity of the floors in older homes where remodeling may have already over-taxed the existing structure. If you are purchasing a home, we recommend having a certified building inspector check the structure to ensure it is equipped to handle the weight of a waterbed.

Can I Have a Waterbed if I Am a Renter?

It's important to note that many apartments and condominium leases restrict the use of any water-filled furniture based on concerns about possible water damage due to accidental leakage, in addition to the structural stress of the weight. We recommend checking with the building manager or property owner before setting up a waterbed in a rental unit.

What are the dimensions of Queen size waterbeds from Afloat?

All Afloat Queen size waterbeds are 59” W x 79” L.

What is the weight capacity of the Afloat Queen size waterbeds?

For the Afloat Essential and Total standard Queen waterbed mattresses, the maximum weight is 300lbs and is recommended for 1 adult only. For 2 adults, we recommend the Standard or Dual Eastern King or California King options.

Why Choose a Queen Size Waterbed Over a Traditional Queen Size Mattress?

Waterbeds shine over traditional mattresses in comfort, spinal alignment, temperature regulation, bug-immunity, and their sag-free nature. Because water has no form, it will conform to your body’s shape, eliminating pressure points that can make sleeping difficult. Further, a waterbed will never sag, a common source of mattress back pain. Because waterbed temperatures can be regulated and customized, you’ll never wake up sweating or shivering again. And if that’s not enough, our waterbeds are better priced than most mattresses of similar quality.

Learn more about the advantages of a waterbed.

What Makes Afloat Waterbeds Special?

Unlike your typical mattress retailer, we are genuinely passionate about our waterbeds and your experience with them. Our team is lead by Michael Geraghty and Charles Hall, the father of the waterbed. We literally own the patents for the waterbed, which Charlie invented in 1969. Our love for waterbeds drove us to reinvent the waterbed for a modern market and a new audience. We believe we have developed a revolutionary waterbed product and those who have slept on our waterbeds tend to agree

But you don’t have to take our word for it. We are so confident that you’ll have a great experience with our waterbeds that we offer a 100-night waterbed satisfaction guarantee and a 20-year warranty on our products

Your best sleep ever is a click away

exploded illustration of the AFLOAT mattress

Stretch Knit Top Cover

A thin stretch-knit fabric that expands and contracts to match your shape allowing you to feel the total body conformity of the mattress. It is also easily removable and washable to ensure this is the most hypo-allergenic mattress you can own.

Memory Foam Assembly

This 1” thick free-floating layer matches the shape of your body while adding a little firmness.

Available on our Essential, Total, and XD models.

Waveless Water Mattress

With modern materials, this mattress is more durable than previous mattresses and the oversized mattress will be loose so when you lie down, the surface will be able to totally conform to the shape of your body better than any mattress in the market.

The mattresses internal support material greatly reduces the wave motion experienced in older generation waterbeds which allows for a more stable night sleep.

Thermal Divider

This flexible vertical panel serves as insulation between the dual mattresses to ensure zero heat transfer.

Only included in King Dual models

Impermeable Liner

This easy-to-clean material prevents any spilled water from escaping and prevents dust mites and bedbugs from moving into the Afloat interior, ensuring a hygienic sleep.

Perimeter Comfort Rails

Provides a comfortable sitting edge. Connector system locks rails into decking to prevent the rails from changing shape over the years while also creating a “hinging action” that helps keep your bed linens in place better than any ordinary mattresses.

Available on our Total and XD models.

Heating System

The heating pad works in concert with your Afloat digital temperature controller on the outside of your bed to keep you bed within 1 degree of your preferred temperature.

Two units included for the Dual models. One unit included for Standard models.

Lower Cover Panel

The Lower Cover Panel locks into the perimeter rail system to prevent any shifting over time and allows for easier access to unzip the Stretch Knit Top Cover for machine washing.

Traditional Box Foundation

Supports the Afloat mattress assembly and locks into the rail system to prevent any shifting. The insulated system inside the foundation also reduces electrical operating costs by up to 40% compared to earlier generation waterbeds.

Heavy-Duty Metal Bed Frame

Raises the foundation about 6” above the floor.

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