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Why Afloat

Why Afloat

Reduces Pressure Points

Water has no form, which is why it’s the best medium to sleep on. Unlike traditional mattresses, water does not dictate where or in what position you need to sleep in order to find the most comfortable, supportive spot. Water takes its cue from you, adapting to the one-of-a-kind contours of your body, providing you with a single, seamless expanse upon which to sleep. And, when you move on any of our mattresses, our Afloat Wave Suppression ensures a smooth, gentle reposition LEARN MORE.

Side Sleeper – Afloat

Side Sleeper – Afloat: Allows lower shoulder and hip to more completely sink in.

Side Sleeper - Ordinary Mattress

Side Sleeper - Ordinary Mattress: Lower shoulder and hip cannot sink in.

Back Sleeper – Afloat

Back Sleeper – Afloat: Allows shoulders and tailbone to sink in while contouring to neck and lumbar areas.

Back Sleeper - Ordinary Mattress

Back Sleeper - Ordinary Mattress: Less neck and lumbar support.

Spinal Alignment

Only water can support your spine by totally filling in all of the “nooks and crannies” in your body, regardless of your sleeping position.

First, lie on your side on the floor.  Your hips and shoulders are the widest part of your skeleton.  Since they cannot sink into the floor, your spine is not straight, as it would be if you were standing up.

Now lie on your back on the floor.  If you hold your spine in proper alignment, the small of your back (the lumbar area) will not be touching the floor.  If you relax your muscles, the small of your back will be in contact with the floor, but your spine will be knocked out of the proper alignment you have when you are standing.

All other types of mattresses use foam, fiber and other materials to allow your body to achieve proper spinal alignment, but all of these materials compress over time, robbing you of the complete contouring your body needs.  Water cannot compress – it will always completely contour to the shape of your body LEARN MORE.

Degrees of Delight

If you’ve ever woken from sleep drenched in sweat or shivering uncontrollably, you know just how important sleep temperature is. Fortunately, water is an excellent medium for the transfer of heat and cold. That scientific fact, combined with our temperature control pad and our new Afloat Fabric Cover allows you to precisely control your water temperature. So, whether it’s the dog days of summer or the coldest depths of winter, your idyllic sleep temperature is always at your fingertips.

DeBugging Your Bed

Ironically, it’s not your bed that bed bugs are actually interested in: it’s you. More specifically, your dead skin cells. When we sleep at night we give off heat and carbon dioxide, it’s unavoidable. Unfortunately, to a bed bug, heat, and carbon dioxide is akin to ringing the dinner bell. The same goes for dust mites, which can quickly turn a traditional mattress into quite the gathering, somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 dust mites in one square yard of mattress. And no matter the procedure undertaken with a conventional mattress there is no guarantee that you can prevent dust mite or bed bug infestation.

You’ll be happy to know that Afloat waterbeds are the most sanitary mattresses available. Its compartment membrane is made of vinyl, which is impregnable to bugs, so neither bed bugs nor dust mites can get through it. Plus, because it’s made of vinyl, you can periodically wipe it down so dead skin cells won’t pile up. In other words, an Afloat mattress helps to ensure that the only things sleeping in your bed will be human. Afloat’s fabric stretch cover is completely machine-washable, helping to ensure that the only things sleeping in your bed are you and your significant other.


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