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Recover with Afloat

Recovery and Renewal

We ALL need recovery and Renewal aka SLEEP!

It’s almost too obvious to mention, but recovery is fundamental to our very survival. If we are unable to reconstitute ourselves after day-to-day activities our system slowly breaks down. And that is precisely what happens with many people. Drip by drip their life force is drained as a consequence of insufficient recovery. Even the best of us can sometimes feel this way during periods of heightened workloads, extensive travel, stress, and unexpected life events.

The good news in that dim scenario is that the answer lies with us each and every night. Whether you’re training for your first 26.2 or just grinding away at your 9-to-5, the solution to all (or at least most) of your problems is easy to remedy – a good night sleep.

A girl laying on afloat bed

Is your mattress letting you down?

We all know that one-third of our lives is spent asleep – ever wonder why? Simply, it’s because the other two-thirds are an opposing force trying to grind us down. It is the time between the sheets that lets our bodies recuperate from the events of the day and allows us all to wake up for another day of abuse on our bodies. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete like Afloat’s ambassador Dean Karnazes or not, day-to-day is tough and we all need to respect that fact.

Chances are that you found this website because something about your sleep just isn’t right, and you need to fix it. Most people find themselves tossing and turning through the night and awakening to a sore neck or back. Even worse, night sweats and numb limbs can make you wonder what the heck happened when you wake up.

Each of the above issues, which are about as common as snoring itself, is something you can solve by managing one small, but very important, factor.

The best way to get a good night’s sleep over and over

When you are asleep and suspended on the Afloat mattress, the pressure points on your body are significantly reduced, which will substantially diminish the issues that you might wake to each morning. That goes hand-in-hand with the support the bed provides to ensure alignment of your spine. Imagine that, a single core problem that has so many horrible side effects, and they can all be solved with one smart investment.

Reducing those pressure points alone is great, and the story could end there with a happy ending. But now imagine sleeping that well without getting too hot or too cold, ever. The temperature control is a wonderful innovation that provides you with the right temperature all night every night. And the fact that your partner may not like it quite as warm or cool as you, enter the dual temperature control.

Not only will an Afloat mattress help you maintain a higher comfort level, but by keeping you comfortable through the night, you are further able to regularly slide into a deeper sleep, letting your mind and body enter into the deepest phases of sleep with ease.

Traditional mattress

ordinary beds

The resistance of a traditional mattress forces the spine out of alignment, thereby creating pressure points and pain highlighted in pink.

Afloat mattress

alfoat beds

Water completely supports the spine, allowing it to remain in its naturally curved alignment.

Why sleep is vital

Our bodies require a certain amount of Basal sleep—the amount the body needs every night to recover—to avoid sleep debt (which is the accumulation of insufficient basal sleep over time). If sleep debt accrues, rising stress hormones and cortisol impair recovery, as well as many other functions of health and overall wellbeing.

Given the disproportional influence sleep has on recovery, it’s no wonder why athletes like Dean put so much emphasis on choosing the right bed, but you don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy the same benefits.

Dean Karnazes says, “When I became aware of Afloat, I learned that this is the only mattress that delivers on the perfect sleep trifecta: 1) Reduced pressure points 2) Spinal alignment 3) Temperature control. If a bed can deliver on those three attributes the likelihood of quality sleep, and hence quality recovery, is improved.”

Not only that, there is added value to you when the bed hits the trifecta? Your Afloat waterbed will never sag, never need to be flipped, and is fully hypoallergenic. Isn’t that a nice thought to help you drift to sleep tonight?

couple sitting on afloat bed

Your current mattress does NOT have your back

You’re completely normal if you have memories of rolling into the deep crater of your childhood bed. Or even worse is the idea of flipping your mattress thinking that will solve the matter. Once your old mattress has been compromised there is no going back, and it’s only a matter of time before your traditional mattress becomes compromised. Water never sags so your Afloat mattress will always provide the support you need and provide your body the environment to have the best sleep ever for you, your partner, and/or your pet!

Granted, it is hard to fully appreciate how it feels to have the quality of sleep being described on this page, which is why there is a 100-night guarantee with every Afloat mattress. It’s just one of those things that needs to be tried out for a period of time to fully understand how good it can be – if you try it and don’t fully agree, we will take it back with no cost to you.

Like any investment, buying your next mattress is something that needs research and a bit of learning. When you do the homework though, you’ll come back with the same question everyone has… how soon can I have an Afloat?

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