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​Life-Changing Sleep: Improving Health and Wellness

Mar 17th 2020

Deep sleep is something we should be aiming for night after night. Have you ever thought about how sleep can be life-changing? Receiving adequate sleep keeps your immune system in fighting shape and also protects you from other health issues. The Afloat waterbed isn’t just the right bed for improving your sleep cycles but it’s also the right choice to enhance your health and wellness. Because let’s face it: a great bed makes a significant difference.

Athletes, fitness coaches, and physical trainers know how important it is to rest and recover after training hard in the gym. With your body being under stress all day, it’s crucial to take the necessary steps to systemic relief, including quality sleep.

Dritar Odza is a health and wellness coach and a rehabilitation specialist who trains hard each day while taking time for his recovery. At night, he sleeps on an Afloat waterbed, most of the time with his dog. Through the science of our waterbeds, Drit achieves life-changing sleep.

We might not think about this often, but sleep is a superpower. It is the number one performance enhancer in the entire world. Achieving quality sleep has profound effects on our mental and physical health. However, when we are sleep deprived, our body experiences detrimental effects on our overall well-being, which can potentially lead to decreased life expectancy in both men and women, some form of cancers, chronic inflammation, and age-related decline such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Those who are sleep-deprived also will have weaker immune systems, which increases their risk of becoming sick after coming in contact with a virus. When we sleep, our immune system releases proteins that promote sleep, called cytokines. Cytokines need to increase when your body is under stress or exposed to an infection, inflammation, or virus. When you’re sleep-deprived, cytokine production decreases, as well as fighting antibodies. Sleep repairs our bodies and immune systems, so it’s imperative adults aim for 7-8 hours of restorative sleep.

Being a health and wellness coach, Drit understands the science behind sleep. That’s why he sleeps on an Afloat Firm Flotation waterbed.

“The Afloat waterbed is a game-changer,” he says. “The bed facilitates post-muscle recovery after my strenuous workouts.”

The Firm Flotation waterbed is “free-floating,” meaning it eliminates the “hammock” effect that both reduces body conformity and prevents removal or replacement of the memory foam. To enhance your sleep cycle, look no further than the waterbed.

“Additionally, [Afloat] aids in ‘deep’ sleep patterns which is an imperative ingredient for growth,” Drit says.

Since water is seamless, the Afloat waterbed moves as you move and it reshapes to conform to your body’s contours. Nothing reduces your pressure points like Afloat. You’ll have fewer interruptions in deep REM sleep, and you’ll be happier waking up in the morning.

Understanding how sleep affects our well-being can help you identify which patterns you’re experiencing and how they impact you. Everyone is different, however, if you are having problems with sleep deprivation, it might be your mattress. Set yourself up for success with a mattress that’s tailored to your specific needs.