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Stretch Knit Top Cover

A thin stretch-knit fabric that expands and contracts to match your shape allowing you to feel the total body conformity of the mattress. It is also easily removable and washable to ensure this is the most hypo-allergenic mattress you can own.

Memory Foam Assembly

This 1” thick free-floating layer matches the shape of your body while adding a little firmness.

Included with Firm models only.

Waveless Water Mattress

With modern materials, this mattress is more durable than previous mattresses and the oversized mattress will be loose so when you lie down, the surface will be able to totally conform to the shape of your body better than any mattress in the market.

The mattresses internal support material greatly reduces the wave motion experienced in older generation waterbeds which allows for a more stable night sleep.

Thermal Divider

This flexible vertical panel serves as insulation between the dual mattresses to ensure zero heat transfer.

Only included in King Dual models

Impermeable Liner

This easy-to-clean material prevents any spilled water from escaping and prevents dust mites and bedbugs from moving into the Afloat interior, ensuring a hygienic sleep.

Perimeter Comfort Rails

Provides a comfortable sitting edge. Connector system locks rails into decking to prevent the rails from changing shape over the years while also creating a “hinging action” that helps keep your bed linens in place better than any ordinary mattresses.

Heating System

The heating pad works in concert with your Afloat digital temperature controller on the outside of your bed to keep you bed within 1 degree of your preferred temperature.

Two units included for the Dual models. One unit included for Standard models.

Lower Cover Panel

The Lower Cover Panel locks into the perimeter rail system to prevent any shifting over time and allows for easier access to unzip the Stretch Knit Top Cover for machine washing.

Traditional Box Foundation

Supports the Afloat mattress assembly and locks into the rail system to prevent any shifting. The insulated system inside the foundation also reduces electrical operating costs by up to 40% compared to earlier generation waterbeds.

Heavy-Duty Metal Bed Frame

Raises the foundation about 6” above the floor.

So what's the difference between Afloat models?

Pure Flotation

The purest form of flotation sleep. The Afloat stretch cover and oversized water mattress - membrane work together to instantly and totally conform to the shape of your body, no matter what position you’re in. No ordinary mattress achieves Afloat’s level of body conformity not even the original waterbeds!

Firm Flotation

For those who prefer a little more firmness, we add a detached and removable layer of memory foam. It is not sewn into the cover or glued to the mattress interior, as is common with ordinary mattresses - that use memory foam. By making it “free-floating” we eliminate a “hammocking” effect which would both reduce body conformity and prevent removal/replacement of the memory foam.

Traditional Foundation

Provides the look of the traditional “box spring” foundation commonly used under most types of mattresses. Includes a heavy-duty 9 leg metal bed frame which positions the bottom of the foundation about 6” above the floor. When placed on top of the foundation, the Afloat mattress surface will be approximately 24” above the floor.

Space Saver Foundation

Provides more of a “free floating” mattress appearance by eliminating the look of the traditional foundation. The open space below the Afloat mattress provides easy access to otherwise wasted storage space. The number of cubic feet under a king sized mattress is about the same as the number of cubic feet in a typical 3’ wide x 2’ deep hall closet. So yes, when you select our Space Saver, you could say you just added a closet to your home!

Afloat is like no other bed

Total body-conformity

Water instantly changes shape when you lie down and when you move. The trick is to design the materials that are between your body and the water so they do not restrict this marvelous and totally natural effect.

Mattress conforming to your body

Precise temperature control

When you slip into a hot bath, you are instantly soothed. When you use ice water to treat an injury, swelling instantly is reduced. That’s because our bodies are mostly water. The second design trick is to maximize temperature transmittal between you and the water to deliver the precise sleeping environment your body needs.

Woman controlling temperature of mattress

hypo-allergenic and completely washable

Unlike standard memory foam mattresses, the impermeable vinyl liner and mattress prevents any bed critters from moving in and causing allergies. Also the removable stretch-knit cover can be machine washed to keep it hygienically clean as the day your bought it.

hypo-allergenic liner
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