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“We Truly Reinvented the Waterbed”

“We Truly Reinvented the Waterbed”

Nov 3rd 2020

In 1969, Charles Hall invented the waterbed. The US Patent Office agreed: US Patent # 585356In 2018, Charles Hall re-invented the waterbed. The US Patent Office agreed, again: US Patent 10,799,033.A … read more

How to Reset Your Bedtime Ritual

Sep 11th 2020

We could all use a bit of self-care these days. And while we love a good day at the spa, that doesn't mean you can’t relax and recharge right from your very own home. Need some ideas for how to unwind … read more
Summer Sleep Essentials

Summer Sleep Essentials

Aug 4th 2020

Having trouble falling asleep this hot summer? We’ve got you covered! Follow these tips and tricks for an amazing night's rest!Turn on the Fan or ACNot only does a cool breeze feel great on your skin, … read more
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